These are the things we value.  And why our clients value us.

Our values are a true reflection of what we aspire to be and underpin everything we do.

At Worklogic, we live our values.  And we’d love to help you create organisational values that your organisation can live by too.


We believe that communication, accountability and value are paramount in building strong client relationships. We earn and keep our clients’ trust and confidence.

We are fair, honest and unbiased. We act with integrity and fearless independence.


We are knowledgeable, sensible and astute in our advice and authentic in our relationships. Our experience allows us to make sound judgements and useful recommendations.


Our work contributes to societal change and we strongly believe in the value of what we do. This belief is grounded in our personal ethics and our vision of what makes a good workplace.


We appreciate the whole person, respecting their individuality and diversity. We embrace new ideas and opportunities.


We are optimistic and resilient. We celebrate our successes and take joy in working together.


We take a collaborative, flexible approach, sharing knowledge and working co-operatively to deliver the best outcome for all parties.