At FineHaus, we are passionate about helping membership associations thrive in a complex, changing and crowded market.

If  your association wants help to…

…then FineHaus can help.

We know that turning these growth ambitions into reality can be easier said than done.

At most membership associations, there is never enough time or money or people to do everything that needs to be done.

Sometimes, associations know what they want to do – but just don’t know how to do it.

This is especially true for smaller associations led by volunteers (who have with deep industry expertise but limited experience in things like marketing, sponsorship and governance) and run a small secretariat (who are great at keeping things ticking over smoothly but are not sure how to take the next strategic step forward).

Or you know you need to find some resources – but can’t afford to pay for full time, senior staff or the big bucks for specialist consultants, who may or may not understand the association space.

We offer flexible, affordable access to the expertise you need.

Led by directors Connie Finestone and Nicki Hauser, FineHaus offers flexible, affordable access to the experience and expertise you need to achieve your growth ambitions and manage your operations.

We work as integral part of your team, collaborating with your board, stakeholders, staff and secretariat to get the job done.

We are the expert hands you need to get your major project delivered – on-time, on-budget and to the highest standards.

We bring the know-how and expertise you need to craft the right strategies to drive your association forward.

We provide the flexible, affordable and results-oriented management and leadership your association needs to turn your plans into reality.

If you need support turning aspiration into reality, get in touch.

We’ve worked with a broad range of associations including the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association, the Institute for Professional Editors, AustLaw, Canoeing Victoria, Master Builders (QLD), The Australian Chamber of International Trade and the Australian Institute of Export.

And we’d love to work with you.

We’ve also worked extensively outside of the association space,  with professional services and IT companies, major corporations and government departments – and continue to work with clients like Worklogic.  So if you are not a membership association, but want to work with us, then we are also happy to chat.

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