Expert help to select the right membership management system and ensure its successful implementation

Many membership associations are dependent on membership management plaforms and systems that are dated, hard-to-use, require significant manual effort or external consultants or lack the capability to support their plans for the future.

But changing systems is a major operational risk and a significant investment of time, money and effort. Many associations do not have the skills,  experience or available resources to successfully manage this kind of project in-house.

That’s where we can help.

Our approach

Let’s be clear from the start – we are not IT people (thank goodness!). What we bring to the table is a deep understanding of membership association operations, broad experience with a range of membership management systems, excellent relationships with the leading vendors and our project management expertise.

We can manage some or all of the whole process on your behalf, working collaboratively and as a part of your team, on-site and remotely as required.

We develop the project plan with a clear set of milestones, the project budget and lead your project team. We report progress regularly, flagging and resolving issues as they arise.

We engage with internal stakeholders to understand your operations,  membership management and reporting processes and systems and develop clear business requirements specifications.

We represent the your best interests and requirements in discussions with external vendors and guide the selection and contract negotiation process.

We tightly manage the system development and implementation project, working closely with the chosen vendor. We contribute to the development of functional and technical specifications from your perspective and review these to ensure they meet business needs.

We work with your team to conduct rigorous testing before going live and ensure your staff are fully trained and supported with comprehensive user documentation.

We oversee the go-live process and plan for all contingencies.

We conduct a post-implementation review and work with you to develop a roadmap for future enhancements.

And we’d love to help you!


Want help to change systems?

If you would like to learn more about our approach to membership management platform selection, implementation and migration projects book a free consultation today!

It’s one thing to have a vision, but executing it and doing so to the highest standards requires experience, talent and dedication. FineHaus has brought all of these qualities to the table and more in helping ALTA grow from a casual meetup over drinks into a beacon of innovation and community on the global legal technology landscape.

Beyond consistently providing the organisational capabilities to drive the association forward on a daily basis, FineHaus has delivered services at every level of event organisation from planning all the way to operations, giving members peace of mind.

Stevie Ghiassi, Founding Chair Australian Legal Technology Association


“The FineHaus team have done an outstanding job since taking on association and conference management for our organisation. They have understood us and our vision and worked with us to move our association forward. Their expertise, innovation and professional support have been exemplary. We are confident that with FineHaus assisting our association, we will not only achieve our strategic aims – but far exceed them. 

“Working together as a virtual management team Nicki and Connie drove impressive growth at ALPMA, achieving significant increases in membership and sponsorship, while transforming ALPMA’s online presence, streamlining its operations and significantly increasing the financial performance and profile of ALPMA’s flagship event, the ALPMA Summit.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Warrick McLean, Past President, Australasian Legal Practice Management Association


Strategic planning is one of the most important processes for an organisation to undertake. We were fortunate to have FineHaus as facilitators to guide us skilfully through what can be a challenging and often time-fraught process. We highly recommend them to any organisation about to undertake this journey.”

Karen Lee, CEO, Institute of Professional Editors


FineHaus worked with the Asset Management Council to review the membership model in an effort to enhance value for membership, increase utilisation of services and increase membership reach. The work undertaken was comprehensive and robust, providing confidence that the new membership model to be implemented will succeed.

Dr Anne Gibbs, CEO, Asset Management Council