Getting marketing right

If you struggle with marketing, you are not alone!   Marketing is a challenge for most associations and small businesses – and this is compounded if you don’t have marketing expertise amongst your staff or board and have a limited budget.

Yet marketing is central to everything you do.

Marketing for Membership Associations

Effective marketing of  your association and for your key initiatives, events and services will help ensure you achieve the results you want – and can make the difference between success and failure.  In order to meet your strategic objectives and membership growth ambitions, you need to invest the time and resources required to get your marketing right.

This is where we can help.

Our Approach to Marketing

At FineHaus, we offer several ways to help our clients get their marketing right.

We can help you develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan for your association. We can work with you on specific marketing projects.  Or we can take a very hands-on approach, working on a part-time, contract basis as part of your team as your contract, part-time Marketing Manager, with responsibility for marketing at your association.

1. Marketing Strategy Development

Step 1:  Marketing Audit

Typically, our first step is to undertake a comprehensive audit of your associations current approach to marketing.  This includes a review of your existing material, website, social media presence, communications, event and program campaigns and printed collateral. We will also review your marketing and communications tools (ie email marketing, database platform etc).  We also review your strategic and operational plans, to ensure the marketing plan we develop supports the key deliverables. We will interview you to discuss what is working and what needs to be improved from a marketing perspective, and provide your team with the opportunity to contribute to the plan development.  This review identifies the gaps in the current approach and areas to address in the marketing plan.

Step 2: Marketing Plan

We create a comprehensive marketing plan for your association, using our powerful ‘Membership Journey‘ methodology to develop strategies to understand your market, build your brand and position your association, generate demand for membership and your key services, events and programs and retain and engage your members.  We can also develop marketing plans for specific events, programs or services.

Step 3: Implementation Project Plan

We develop a detailed implementation project plan, which details what activities need to be undertaken, when and by whom.  This includes a communications schedule, and items requiring budget. Where required, we can then help you implement the plan.  This can involve as much as doing everything that we have recommended for you, to simply coaching your team and reviewing progress to ensure it is all on track and to maintain momentum.

2. Marketing & Communication Projects

We also provide expert marketing support for specific marketing projects. We can:

  • manage marketing and PR for your major conference to build awareness and achieve registration targets
  • revamp your marketing collateral (e.g. membership brochures, newsletters, member video testimonials, annual reports etc)
  • produce compelling content (e.g. blog posts, member videos, infographics, website copy, research or thought leadership articles)
  • create membership or advocacy campaigns
  • launch your new programs or services
  • manage the development of your new website, blog or online presence.

3. Contract Marketing Experts

Sometimes, our clients just want us to manage everything related to marketing at their organisation,  to manage the marketing for a specific event, program or project or to manage their digital presence (e.g. website, blog and social media) – working as part of their team on a part-time, contract basis.  We offer flexible, affordable access to the marketing expertise you need.

Talk to us

If this sounds like the kind of practical, results-oriented marketing advice and support your association needs, then let’s talk.

Nicki Hauser leads the marketing projects at FineHaus, and she has lots of experience developing results-oriented, practical marketing strategies and executing successful marketing programs for associations including the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association, the Institute for Professional Editors and Master Builders (QLD) and for professional services and IT companies including Worklogic, Tonkin Legal, the Microsoft Partner Development Centre, Ericsson and TUSC.

And we’d love to help you.

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“The FineHaus team have done an outstanding job since taking on association and conference management for our organisation. They have understood us and our vision and worked with us to move our association forward. Their expertise, innovation and professional support have been exemplary. We are confident that with FineHaus assisting our association, we will not only achieve our strategic aims – but far exceed them. 

Strategic planning is one of the most important processes for an organisation to undertake. We were fortunate to have FineHaus as facilitators to guide us skilfully through what can be a challenging and often time-fraught process. We highly recommend them to any organisation about to undertake this journey.”

Karen Lee, CEO, Institute of Professional Editors