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Exchanging Member Experience

FineHaus + beaton are  proud supporting partners for the inaugural MX Experience Event, run by the Australasian Society for Association Executives in Melbourne on 25 November.

We will be showcasing our MX Research and sharing insights on member experience from this research and the work we do with associations in the MX Roundtable panels.  We’d love to see you there.

Program overview

The consumer landscape has fundamentally shifted. Technology has and will continue to change the way we live, work and play. Members demand of their associations the same level of customer experience as they do from the other service providers in their life. They want services that are delivered on demand, flexible, frictionless and personal.

In this rapidly evolving world of customer experience, how do membership organisations evolve and adapt to integrate the concept of Member Experience (MX) into our current structures? What fundamentals do we have right? What needs to change?

Join us and hear from leading industry experts and sector trial blazers as we explore learnings from those who have commenced this journey, how using new technology can enhance membership outcomes and how using CX strategy can help us understand what members really want from their association.

Check out the full program.