Sep 10

10 Excellent Association Governance Resources

There are some excellent online resources available to help membership associations understand their governance obligations that we thought were well worth sharing  Not-For-Profit Law has put together an excellent list of resources for community not-for-profits.  In the list below, we have picked out eight that we thought were particularly applicable for membership associations, and added in a couple of additional ones that we have found helpful.  Please note, the Not-For-Profit Law information has been put together predominantly for Victorian associations.

  1. Australian Institute of Company Directors – Good Governance Principles and Guidance for Not-for-Profit Organisations
    This publication outlines ten principles that promote good governance, and helps directors and boards consider the governance needs of their organisations.
  2.  Community Compass
    The Community Compass Assessment tool can help organisations self assess their board against a skills matrix and identify where training or recruiting should be undertaken.
  3. ASX – Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations
    This is a link to the 2010 update of the guide to good corporate governance provided by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This publication is aimed at for-profit companies (and uses language like ‘shareholders’ not members) but the key principles of good governance are useful for not-for-profit organisations.
  4.  The Good Governance Guide
    The Good Governance Guide is a website produced by the Victorian Local Governance Association, Municipal Association of Victoria , Local Government Victoria and Local Government Professionals. Although it is for local government, there is a lot of applicable information for associations.
  5. CFAR Briefing: Association Governance in Disruptive Times
    CFAR is a US-based management consultancy.  Although this briefing was written in 2013, it provides insights into association governance issues based on the results of benchmarking undertaken with 10 associations.

If you want to improve governance at your association or have a specific issue that you’d like to discuss confidentially, then get in touch!