Association Management | Weighing Industry Association of Australia

FineHaus is delighted to welcome the Weighing Industry Association of Australia (WIAA) to its stable of association management clients.

The WIAA is the national body representing companies and businesses engaged in the manufacture/sales and service of laboratory, industrial and retail weighing equipment. A key objective of the WIAA is to ensure the continuance of the high standard of professionalism which users of weighing systems have come and in fact demand in the modern weighing industry.

In order to ensure that these standards are maintained WIAA member companies are required to satisfy particular standards, or pre-requisites, before acceptance as a member of the WIAA.

WIAA members are also bound by a Code of Ethics, which addresses the issues of proper member conduct in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

FineHaus is providing a range of association management services for the WIAA including:

  • membership management
  • administrative support
  • regulatory compliance
  • website content management
  • financial management
  • social media support.