Membership Model Review | Asset Management Council

FineHaus recently conducted a comprehensive review of the Asset Management Council‘s membership model, to recommend  a new model to enhance member value and engagement and support membership growth. This membership model review project included:

  • Internal research – including interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders, membership satisfaction research and desktop research
  • External research – analysis of membership models of adjacent and competitive associations
  • Membership modelling – development and stress-testing of potential membership models
  • Recommendations – final model and recommendations of changes required to support the new model.
  • Implementation planning – development of a high level implementation plan to roll-out the new model.

The recommended model was approved by the Asset Management Council Board at its October, 2019 board meeting.


Nicki and Connie from FineHaus worked with the Asset Management Council over an eight month period to review the membership models currently used by the Council in an effort to enhance value for membership, increase utilisation of services and increase membership reach. The work undertaken by FineHaus was comprehensive and robust, providing confidence that the new membership model to be implemented will succeed.Dr Anne Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer, Asset Management Council