Annual Operational Planning | Palliative Care SA

FineHaus worked in collaboration with the CEO of Palliative Care SA to develop its FY19 Operational Plan. This plan outlined how Palliative Care SA would turn its existing strategic plan into reality in FY19 – detailing the key initiatives and tasks, measures for success, timelines, responsibilities, resourcing strategy and budgetary requirements.  This plan could then be used as a template for subsequent years. FineHaus also developed a scorecard for reporting progress to the board.

Having spent 8 years fully immersed in the day to day activities of growing and building a membership based state peak body with a balance sheet in the low tens of thousands to a million dollars, I was finding it hard to ‘see the wood for the trees’.  I was lucky to meet Connie Finestoneand Nicki Hauser at AusAE’s 2018 ACE Conference.

Both women had been high achievers in a membership based association prior to establishing FineHaus.  Both had hands on ‘real’ experience of the things I was grappling with.  Their pragmatic approach to unzipping the ‘organisational intel’ I had in my head and organising my thoughts into an implementable plan to reshape the way I worked whilst continuing the growth and reputation of my organisation was an experience I recommend to anyone.

In just two days,  Nicki and Connie helped me shape the organisation’s strategic aims into an operational plan and budget to support implementation of the Board’s strategic direction together with a resourcing strategy and budget  that would make it possible for me to redirect my efforts towards higher level strategy outcomes. I commend FineHaus to any business executive seeking to navigate their way forward and grow their brand, reputation and credibility to truly ‘live their vision’.

 Tracey Watters CEO, Palliative Care SA